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May 27, 2008

Today's ans:
1. -1
2. 1
3. 0

Feb 25, 2008

A great day for fenders.

I participated in a Ralph Ride today (Sunday). This was in preparation for the spring brevet season. Brevet are distance rides often of 200 km (125 miles) or more. Last year Ralph and I completed a 400K as our longest ride of the year. At least it was my longest ride. Many brevets are sponsored by RUSA.. The brevet season goes in something of a four year cycle with the Paris-Brest-Paris ride every four years being the pivotal event of the cycle. Since 2007 was a PBP year, this particular ride won't occur again until 2011.

Anyway, I rode to Springfield and met Ralph and Tom downtown at noon. I promptly had a flat about two miles into the ride. Actually I had two flats, but I managed to only have to change the tube once. After I got the tube out I dug two nice sharp gravel pieces out of the tire casing, replaced the tube and rode on. Later when I patched the tube at home, I found the tube had two separate punctures. At least I didn't have to stop twice.

The temp was about 36 deg F at its highest so it was a cold ride. I hadn't been riding much so it also felt like a long ride. Snow and ice melting everywhere had the roads a little wet and yucky. It was a nice day for fenders. Tom was sporting a set of fenders on his bike, way to go Tom. On the way north to Springfield just as I was getting to the greenway trails, I passed a couple pedestrians (who gave me a strange look as I rode past at 12 to 15 mph) and then as I looked ahead after passing them as I rode onto the bridge, I noticed the bridge floor was still ice covered. Yikes. Those pedestrians had just walked across the ice covered bridge. I coasted across holding a very straight line as my heart rate increased as my speed slowly decreased. Very exciting. Above left is the way my driveway looked as the ride started. At the right is the Finley, between Ozark and Linden. Spring, where are you?

Feb 20, 2008
Just a couple quick thoughts. Tonight may be the night we (the US) tries to shoot down spy satellite USA 193. Also, there is a lunar eclipse tonight. For info on where in the sky to look to see these events, go to Heaven's Above a great website.

Jan 28, 2008
So, life is somewhat different when you're a mathematician (or even a high school math teacher). I walked into my favorite restaurant for breakfast this morning. Instead of pouring coffee and taking my order the waitress (hi Gjetta) posed the following problem: "which would you rather have, $100,000 or one cent plus two cents plus four cents, with the doubling pattern continuing for 30 days". Well, it's the old inventor-of-chess and grains of wheat problem more except it's 30 days instead of 64 squares.

Before morning coffee, my estimation went like this. I know 2^10 is 1024, that's about 1000, so 2^20 is about 1000x1000= 1,000,000 and 2^30 is about 1,000,000x1000 = 1,000,000,000. since we're using pennies not dollars, I divide by 100 to get 10,000,000, which is close enough for 6 am.

[For the mathematically astute: yes, the sum only goes to 2^29 since the first day is 2^0, and the real answer is 2^30-1]

At the right is a pic I've been meaning to post from last summer's ride in Colorado. This is on the peak-to-peak highway south of Estes Park.

6 Oct. 2007

All files should now download as .pdf's

30 Aug. 2007

Hi. Welcome to my website.

Last year my nephew Joshua (hi Josh) gave me this domain name as a Christmas present. I didn't have a clue what to do with it, but as this school year begins I guess I'll try to post some files, pictures, and who knows what else here online.

Way-back in the day of 6502 assembly language, cassette tape data storage, and actual floppy disks I used to enjoy programming. So, I thought I'd actually try to write the code rather than use a web-development utility. Since I am a complete beginner at html this will be a very simple webpage.

The photo above is from a bicycle trip to Massachusetts two summers ago. Bicycling is one of my hobbies. This summer I took the bike to Colorado and climbed the rockies. Both trips were lots of fun. I'll get some more pics and info about the bike on here before too long.

Right now the files are word files, they'll eventually be .pdf's. If you'd like to contact me my email address is [email protected]

Some files of interest to my students:

This class is offered in the spring semester
Finite difference thing for Trish

Alg/Geo review week 1
Alg/Geo review week 2
Alg/Geo review week 3
Trig policy statement
Assignments, due dates
Key. Quiz, 8-27
Study guide for Aug 27
Study Guide for Fri, 9.4.09
Key for Quiz 9.4.09
Study guide for 9-17 Quiz
Study guide Key p1
Study guide Key p2
Key 9.17.09
Key 9.25.09
Key Oct 9, Quiz
Key 11.18 Quiz
Key 11.20 Quiz
Key 11.24 Quiz

Physics Policy Statement
A 2.5 (handwritten, sorry)
Lab Report Instructions
Getting Straight grading scheme
Sample Lab Writeup
Key, Quiz, 8.28.'09
Assignments/ Due dates
Study guide for 9.18.09
Key for 9.18.09
Big video motion handout

Bridge Contest Rules
Bridge 09 big handout
Projectile ppt

Bridge dates (from 07 - 08)
Local bridge testing: 5-06-09
MSPE Bridge Contest MSU - 4-1-09
International Bridge Contest
Doug Oss qualifies!
Bellingham, WA 4-25
Partial 2009 results

AP Physics
AP Policies
AP Assignments '09
Key to quiz. 8-28-09
Key to quiz. 9-10-09

Tiger Geometry
Policy Statement
Mobius handout
Klein Cube handout
Computer Lab, Day 1
Computer Lab, Day 2

Some random articles
Solar Swan Dive (1 meg)
Erdos Number Project Stuff (>1 meg)

Math club
Hershey 1

Upcoming Math Events
ARML prac Missouri State - Sept 26

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GPML Dates and Sites
Remainder Theorem

Geogebra files.
Mostly stuff I wrote
parabola demo 10.30.09
Mark's proof
SWMDAMT 3.12.09 Outline
Parabola using sliders
Sine, sum formula
Law of Sines
Euler Line
Centripetal Force, details
Centripetal Force, final diagram
Parabola, vertex form
Parabola, factored form
Parabola, standard form
Geo Const of Parabola.ver2
Student drawings
Disclaimer - not every statement made by every student in every drawing is guaranteed to be correct!

Nice pythagorean proof
Locus tutorial-(req speakers)
.pdf files
Some Q's written using Geogebra
Introduction to Geogebra
Dave's Parabola Activity
Links 9.23.09
Geogebra Icons, - word form
Geogebra Icons, - .pdf form

Flying pumpkins?
Trebuchet Video

You Tube
Physics video
Mr D's Marbles

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To a variety of interesting sites.

AMC Am Math Competition
ARML local group
Missouri State Problem Corner
The Art of Problem Solving
Ralph's Rides
RUSA (distance cycling)
Heaven's Above